Nija Rivera, MPH

Development Consultant


Born and bred in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, PA, Nija is a seasoned public health professional with over 10 years of expertise in nonprofit program management, grants management, and proposal development. She is the lead consultant at Gritty Grants. Nija earned her undergraduate degree in biobehavioral health from Penn State University, laying the foundation for her multidisciplinary approach. She furthered her education by obtaining a master’s in public health from Temple University. Nija’s passion lies in creating impactful grants proposals that address the well being of under-resourced communities. Her wealth of experience encompasses the entire lifecycle of grant projects, from conception through successful implementation. Beyond her professional endeavors, Nija is an avid traveler who delights in exploring different corners of the world. Her love for adventure extends to trying diverse cuisines from around the globe. For inquiries feel free to reach out to Nija at [email protected].


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