Once Upon A Preemie, Inc.

On a mission to eliminate racial disparities in our NICUs

 Once Upon A Preemie, Inc. is a Black women-led non-profit organization committed to pioneering solutions for neonatal equity to center Black preemie family experiences.

Who We Serve


Our Once Upon A Preemie Academy is the healthcare industry’s first Health and Racial Equity Training program designed to educate perinatal and neonatal professionals on reducing racial disparities and implicit bias while serving Black families in the NICU.

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We empower preemie families to bond with their preemies by reading while bedside, and equip Black preemie families to advocate for equitable care during their NICU journey. We also donate our books to preemie families in hopes that it will help them through their journey.

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We center the voices and lived experiences of Black preemie families to strengthen legislation connecting the Black Maternal Health Crisis and prematurity in the Black community. We advocate for change and urge Congress to enact laws that mandate equity in maternal and neonatal healthcare.

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2022 OUAP Conference Recap

Our Impact

Medical professionals
Hospitals involved in our
Books donated to preemie

"Black families with preemies, especially families from less resourced environments need a healthcare system that listens, engages fully as a supportive partner, and ensures resources are available to equitably address their needs."

- Karen Dale, CEO and Chief DEI Officer, AmeriHealth Caritas

Headshot of Karen Dale, CEO and Chief DEI Officer, AmeriHealth Caritas


NICU Racial Equity Training for Professionals

The first and only virtual training academy focused on delivering health and racial equity educational programs for perinatal and neonatal healthcare professionals. Our purpose is to raise awareness and offer real-time solutions for addressing health and racial disparities.

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“With the expertise and the passion from OUAP and Jenne Johns, our NICU was able to successfully improve health equity related to breastfeeding among our Black infants and mothers. I highly recommend the e-learning courses for all neonatal healthcare givers!”

- Dr. Emilia Garcia, DNP, RNC-NIC, Neonatal Project Manager, Covenant Children’s Hospital

Photo of Dr. Emilia Garcia, DNP, RNC-NIC, Neonatal Project Manager, Covenant Children’s Hospital
Once Upon A Preemie Book front cover


Once Upon A Preemie

By Jenné Johns

Once Upon A Preemie is a beautiful new way to look at the life of a preemie baby. It explores the parent and child Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey in a unique and uplifting way. Buy Once Upon A Preemie now, you don’t want to miss out!

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