Who It’s For

Once Upon a Preemie Academy was created for any healthcare professional who touches and impacts the life and life span of Black birthing women and Black Preemie parents.

Since our inception, we have trained 3000+ health care professionals globally to help transform systems, address bias in the delivery of care, and improve patient and provider interactions that improve the quality of care. In short, our implicit bias training courses equip, empower, and enhance EQUITY in NICU’s across the globe.

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Who can benefit?

We provide lived experience and case studies for community and home visitation workers who would like to provide more effective support to Black Preemie families.

“This training was a great balance of personal experience and knowledge that made it hit home without experiencing the NICU.”

Help Ensure Health and Equity for Black Preemie Families

Take our e-learning courses to help drive equitable perinatal and neonatal health outcomes for black mothers and babies.

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