Shante Nixon

Shante Nixon is a NICU Mother, Advocate, Business Professional and Founder of Connect2NICU, which launched its healthcare app in iTunes and Google Play stores in 2013 to 2018. This app was created to support parents who have babies in the neonatal intensive care unit by providing mobile access to resources that are available to them.

Shante’ provided insight on the intersection of family, healthcare and the NICU space both locally and nationally. She currently serves as a board member for the National Perinatal Association.

Shante is a graduate of the inaugural Greenville Founder’s Institute class, Launchpad2x, and Venture Valley Mentors. She is a Clemson University Alumni and a outstanding career professional for a Fortune 50 company. When she is not working Shante’ enjoys time with her husband Julian, her very active toddler, Jazara, and their smarter than usual dog Tierno.

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